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Nina Bellucci Butler

Moore Recycling Associates, known for its plastics recycling data analysis, will now be called More Recycling as the company founders move toward partial retirement.

Moore Recycling Associates, started by Patty Moore and Doug McDowell in 1989, is also undergoing a leadership shift, with company veterans Nina Bellucci Butler and Stacey Luddy taking the helm. Butler will serve as CEO and Luddy as chief operating officer/chief financial officer. Chad Jodon, former senior software architect at IBM, will serve as chief information officer.

Butler and Luddy formally acquired the company.

“We are extremely proud of our company origins and the future feels exciting,” Butler stated in a press release. “As the next generation of Moore Recycling, we will continue to prioritize integrity and thought-leadership while pushing innovations in technology and information analysis that facilitate the greater expansion of sustainable materials management.”

Moore and McDowell founded Moore Recycling Associates 28 years ago. They’ll scale back their duties to manage Sustainable Materials Management of California (SMM of CA), a company founded to manage recycling trade associations, including the Plastic Recycling Corporation of California (PRCC).

Patty Moore

Patty Moore

“I am honored and thrilled to have Nina and Stacey continue the core mission of Moore Recycling – to take an active role in developing environmentally sound, sustainable global growth,” Moore stated in the press release. “While I will continue to support More Recycling and SMM of CA, I will do so while working far less. It has been a fun and fruitful 30-plus years, and I am happily moving on to let the next generation step up.”

Moore Recycling Associates leaders have been frequent writers for Plastics Recycling Update and its sister publication, Resource Recycling, and have presented at the Plastics Recycling conference. Butler will speak during a session entitled “Strategic Tools to Make Recycling Work” during next week’s Plastics Recycling 2017. Patty Moore will moderate the session.

Last August, Butler wrote an article in Plastics Recycling Update magazine about optimizing the recycling of films. In January 2016, Moore authored a piece for Resource Recycling magazine providing plastics recycling insights from her trip to China. In 2015, Moore wrote about the state of recycling and explored how falling commodity prices and a shifting materials stream was putting the pinch on materials recovery facilities.