Flint Mich Water / Linda_Parton, ShutterstockMore than $20,000 was raised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers to start a short-term plastic bottle reclamation program in Flint, Mich., where residents have been generating large volumes of water bottles amid a leaded-water crisis.

At the mid-year meeting of the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), it was announced that the organization would offer $10,000 in seed money to help build out capacity for recovering empty water bottles in Flint, which does not have curbside collection of recyclables.

Another $10,000 was raised by individual board-member companies at the meeting, with a general call going out to the rest of the APR membership and to the recycling community at large.

Backers of the initiative hope to raise $75,000.

“Funds are still being raised to help cover the costs of providing continuing, short-term drop-off recycling opportunities for Flint residents,” said Kerrin O’Brien, the executive director of the Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC).

She added funding will help cover costs of education and outreach, bags for collection, trailers and containers at drop sites, and general transportation. The program would aim to provide bottle recovery until the City is able to establish long-term recycling options.

The MRC would act as fiduciary agent, dispersing the funds raised.

Companies or individuals that are interested in supporting the efforts are encouraged to contact O’Brien at [email protected].

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