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Closed Loop Partners made its first electronics recovery space investment in 2017 with Retrievr. | Hand Robot/Shutterstock

Closed Loop Partners, an investment firm that has moved deeper into the e-scrap world in recent years, recently reported on its current electronics recycling industry investments.

The firm launched in 2014 as the Closed Loop Fund but first entered the electronics recovery space in 2017 with its investment in Retrievr, which provides on-demand home collection of devices. This month, Closed Loop published a 10-year impact report, which included notes on a handful of electronics ventures.

Currently, the company’s U.S. e-scrap-related investments include ERI, Sage Sustainable Electronics, robotics supplier MOLG and reverse logistics platform Apkudo. It has also funded solar panel recycling firm SolarCycle. Closed Loop is no longer an investor in Retrievr.

Sage is Closed Loop’s most recent e-scrap investment and its only majority-stake acquisition in the electronics recycling field. The deal was completed last fall, and in the recent report Closed Loop expanded on how the investment will benefit the ITAD operation.

“With Closed Loop Partners, Sage will have access to additional resources, a deep ecosystem of companies advancing the circular economy and expertise to further enhance its services and expand its reach,” the report stated.

Closed Loop reported that Sage currently processes more than 600,000 devices per year, and about 53% of those devices are refurbished and reused.

Additionally, Closed Loop reported that portfolio company Apkudo, which supplies a platform for companies to manage connected devices throughout the device’s lifecycle, has kept more than 10 million pounds of electronics in circulation. And it reported MOLG’s robotic disassembly system can currently disassemble a computer in 180 seconds and a server in 300 seconds. Closed Loop noted that MOLG began a collaboration with Sims Lifecycle Services in 2024, and that the company is looking to form commercial partnerships with additional companies.

On the funding side, Closed Loop has received capital from OEMs including Microsoft.

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