Blancco and eBay are joining forces to help provide buyers peace of mind when purchasing used or refurbished devices. | Anton Caballero/Shutterstock

Resellers marketing used electronics through the eBay Refurbished program can now leverage data erasure company Blancco’s software to aid in grading the devices. 

Blancco Technology Group, which provides technology that processors use to wipe data from used electronics, has partnered with eBay on the effort, according to a press release. 

Before equipment is sold through the eBay Refurbished program, it undergoes an inspection, testing and data erasure process. The marketplace’s program then provides consumers with device condition reports and a grade of certified, excellent, very good or good for listed devices, giving certainty to buyers that the equipment will meet their expectations when it arrives. 

The press release notes that Blancco’s diagnostics and erasure certifications now integrate eBay cosmetic and functionality grading criteria, allowing Blancco to validate and certify desktops, laptops and mobile devices sold through eBay’s U.S. website.

“This helps device processors and resellers communicate clearly and consistently that the device will arrive in the condition that it was advertised,” the release notes. 

This is just the latest partnership eBay has struck to support its refurbished equipment certification program. In 2022, eBay struck a partnership with Los Angeles-based mobile device certification provider Phonecheck, which produces what are essentially Carfax reports but for refurbished electronics. Phonecheck has rolled out a robotic system for grading and wiping data from phones.

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