Exterior of a Best Buy retail location.

The program dovetails with Best Buy’s in-store drop-off service for some types of electronics. | Luke and Karla/Shutterstock

Best Buy has launched a program through which consumers can purchase boxes to ship scrap electronics to ERI for recycling. 

The huge North American retailer of electronics announced the nationwide recycle-by-mail program on April 5. Consumers can purchase a small box for $23 or a medium one for $30 and ship laptops, tablets, computer peripherals and other devices to ERI for reuse or recycling. 

Best Buy referred to the service as a pilot program. 

The retailer also accepts some types of electronics for free at its stores. 

ERI launched its mail-in program shortly after the pandemic struck. Compared with other collection strategies, it brings in an extremely small amount of material. In 2021, ERI brought in 33,000 pounds of mixed electronics through its mail-in program, which uses UPS for shipping, according to ERI’s latest sustainability report. That’s out of 126.5 million total pounds processed by ERI in 2021.

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