Repairing an Apple device.

News that Apple will sell parts and tools to consumers in order to support repair was of interest to readers last month. | Parilov/Shutterstock

A smelter project, software lock complications, Apple’s repair program and more drew our readers’ clicks last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in November in terms of unique page views.

1 | Aurubis says it’s going to build a US e-scrap smelter
One of the world’s largest copper producers this week laid out plans for a $345 million smelter in Georgia to process printed circuit boards, cables and other scrap materials into an intermediate copper product.

2 | How remote software locks can inhibit computer reuse
Remote software locks allow companies to wipe their sensitive data from stolen or lost computers. But ITAD processors say the increasingly popular technology can also throw a wrench into the device refurbishment process.

3 | In about-face, Apple unveils Self Service Repair program
Apple will sell its parts and tools to individual consumers so they can make common repairs for iPhones, the company announced this week.

4 | Dell and others detail their recycling vetting practices
Two electronics manufacturers and a reverse logistics contractor recently described what they look for in recycling vendors. They also discussed how audits have changed during the pandemic – and why some changes may be here to stay.

5 | Industry comes back together at Chicago event
Hundreds of electronics recycling and reuse leaders gathered this week for a conference that explored how stakeholders have coped with COVID-19 – and detailed what comes next for the sector.