Gloved hands working to repair a device.

Among the services iFixit is now offering are design-for-repair workshops for engineers and sustainability teams. | Hand Robot/Shutterstock

Repair hub iFixit launched a service through which the organization will work with OEMs to help them design devices for greater repairability.

The company, which has long provided tools and guides for consumers to repair their electronics, recently announced a suite of repairability consulting services.

“A good manual and proper tools don’t help much if the product is impossible to take apart,” iFixit wrote in an introduction to the new service. “Ditto if repairs are more expensive than buying a replacement product.”

The services include repairability assessments, design-for-repair workshops for engineers and sustainability teams, and compliance guidance in regions with right-to-repair legislation.

Although it was formally announced in late September, the service has been in the works for a decade, iFixit wrote. The organization referenced its similar work with several major manufacturers over the years, notably HP.

“We’re going to use our experience and tools to help companies make repairable products the norm,” iFixit wrote.

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