The closure of Glencore’s smelter in Belledune, New Brunswick captured clicks last month.

Stories about CRT processors, lithium-ion batteries, collection and expansion strategies drew our readers’ attention last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in November in terms of unique page views.

1 | Smelter closure causes shifts in flow of CRT glass
Glencore is permanently closing its New Brunswick lead smelter, which consumes millions of pounds of CRT glass each year.

2 | Processor: Lithium-ion battery troubles go beyond collection
California officials are considering regulating lithium-ion battery labels, but an e-scrap processor says they’re missing a bigger issue: Battery-containing electronics are increasingly expensive to process.

3 | How one processor went global and kept costs in check
ITAD firms are increasingly asked to provide international service for their customers, but that can be an expensive endeavor. A Midwest-based processor recently laid out the benefits of partnering with foreign service providers.

4 | Processor joins mail-in e-scrap recycling program
A Nebraska e-scrap company has become the fourth processor to take part in an initiative from TERRA that now covers portions of 13 states.

5 | In My Opinion: In CRT mess, let’s protect the good guys
An industry veteran who is advocating on behalf of e-scrap processors in a high-profile CRT stockpile lawsuit discusses responsibility, legal protections and the future of CRT management in the electronics recycling industry.


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