ERI drop-off bins will be installed in select Amazon Hub Locker+ locations. | Photo from Amazon Secure Electronics Recycling Bins website

Amazon is contracting with nationwide processor ERI to provide free collection for certain electronics at Amazon pick-up locations in 10 cities.

The initiative was launched Nov. 4 and is part of the e-commerce giant’s “Second Chance” program, which is “a resource for customers to identify how to recycle and dispose of packaging and products,” a company spokesperson told E-Scrap News.

Amazon operates locations where customers can receive deliveries, rather than having packages delivered to a residence. A select group of these sites, known as Amazon Hub Locker+ locations, will allow e-scrap drop-off through the ERI partnership. Participating Amazon Hub sites are located in Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; College Park, Md.; Columbus, Ohio; Los Angeles; Lubbock, Texas; Pittsburgh; San Jose, Calif.; and Seattle.

The Hub centers will have device drop-off bin with opening hatches that are 29-by-11-inches in size, and they will accept laptops, cell phones, tablets, e-readers, smart home devices, media players, small electronics, and additional audio and video devices.

“We will accept all electronics regardless of brand as long as they are able to fit in the bin,” Amazon wrote.

Larger electronics, including CRT TVs and other display devices, will not be accepted.

The collection bins have a locking hatch, so devices can’t be stolen after they’re dropped off. ERI will transport the devices to the company’s processing facilities. ERI maintains processing sites relatively close to all of the Amazon locations that are part of the program.

“All data will be destroyed at their facilities and items will be sorted and recycled for second chance use,” Amazon wrote.

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