Insurance fraud at an e-scrap operator, federal action to close an electronics reuse company and news on a CRT processor are among the stories that captured readers’ attention last month.

1 | Insurance fraud could land e-scrap operator behind bars
The owner of a New Jersey electronics recycling company could spend three years in prison for insurance fraud.

2 | Feds close down company selling used devices
A used electronics trading company was raided and shut down after officials filed a lawsuit accusing it of running a “bait and switch” scheme on consumers.

3 | Nulife Glass encounters stockpiling issues in Pennsylvania
Nulife Glass succeeded in getting a CRT glass smelting furnace up and running in New York but is now fighting with Pennsylvania regulators who say it is stockpiling material.

4 | IMS closing facilities to consolidate operations
By the end of 2016, IMS Electronics Recycling will cut in half the number of processing facilities it operates.

5 | Q&A: Operator of CRT furnace has thoughts of expansion
As the e-scrap industry has struggled to efficiently handle CRT glass in recent years, many stakeholders have held out hope that technologies could be developed to cost-effectively remove lead from the material and pave the way more CRT recycling.