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Reusable foodware rolls out at new venues

Published: February 27, 2024


Rather than tossing the foodservice products in the trash, consumers place them in a return bin, where they’re collected and taken to a facility to be inspected, washed and redeployed. | Courtesy of Bold Reuse

A reusable packaging company’s durable drinkware and other foodservice products will be adopted by a handful of schools in Seattle and multiple U.S. soccer stadiums, the company recently announced. It’s adding new infrastructure to meet the additional demand. Continue Reading

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Notes from the NRC: Why reuse matters

Published: June 14, 2016


Ideally, a product should find its way into the recycling stream only when it has truly reached its end-of-life. This is why reuse matters so much: Reuse gives a second life to the products we use every day by finding effective and creative ways to utilize, repurpose and distribute them.

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