Old cardboard containers (OCC) collected for recycling.

A look at market conditions for OCC end users was of interest to readers last month. | Kenishirotie/Shutterstock

Lots of articles about commodity markets, as well as our dissection of Greenpeace’s questionable math, drew readers’ clicks in November.

The list below shows our top stories published in November in terms of unique page views.

1 | Haulers report impact of falling commodity prices
Plummeting recyclables prices took a bite out of the largest haulers’ revenues during the third quarter, and executives foresee worse prices to come.

2 | Editor’s Take: The problem with the Greenpeace data
One of the country’s most notorious environmental groups says no plastics should be considered recyclable. But our editor says the numbers behind that assertion don’t add up.

3 | Paper producers reflect on OCC prices, upcoming plants
Recycled paper product producers may be enjoying the lower OCC prices as 2022 comes to a close, but those giant manufacturers are still facing higher inflationary pressures in other areas, several executives recently noted.

4 | Higher plastic values alleviate some sting from fiber markets
Prices for fiber bales are still searching for rock bottom this fall, with OCC down by about 25% over the past month. PET and HDPE bales are showing notable price increases, however.

5 | Post-recession reforms help MRFs weather price fluctuations
Commodity prices crashed recently after a year of highs, but industry leaders said changes instituted after the 2008 recession make them better prepared to handle current volatility.

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