Aluminum sheet at the production facility.

Ball Corporation will purchase an ownership stake in the aluminum can sheet rolling mill and recycling center planned by Manna Capital Partners. | Fotosr52/Shutterstock

Private investment firm Manna Capital Partners announced its plans to build and run an aluminum can sheet rolling mill and recycling center in Los Lunas, N.M.

Ball Corporation said it plans to have a minority equity position in the facility and intends to enter a long-term supply agreement with Manna.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates both companies’ commitment to creating a more robust and sustainable domestic supply chain for the growing beverage packaging market,” a press release said.

The companies are expecting global aluminum demand to increase significantly by 2030, the press release said, with much of that growth in North America.

“Since 2016, industry demand for beverage cans in North America has grown 24% from 107 billion units to approximately 133 billion units in 2021,” the press release said. “While the industry in North America has relied on imported aluminum can sheet coils to meet demand, alliances like this one will allow Ball and its key customers to access more domestically produced aluminum can sheet and remove impediments to growth.”

The mill is expected to be operational in 2026 and increase additional production over a multi-year period, the press release said, and will turn out high-recycled-content aluminum can sheet. Further investment in UBC recycling infrastructure is anticipated to supply the mill with enough scrap material.

“Further increasing recycled content in our products is key to boosting our sustainability and securing domestic supply of our key raw material,” said Dan Fisher, president and CEO of Ball Corporation. “This alliance complements the significant manufacturing investments Ball has made across the Southwest U.S. since 2020.”

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