Recycling bin full of cardboard boxes.

News readers last month were drawn to the latest insights on fiber tonnages in the recycling stream. | Cari Rubin Photography/Shutterstock

An update on OCC supply and demand was our most-viewed online story last month. Wider market analysis, recycling legislation from California and China import news also collected the clicks.

The list below shows our top stories published in September in terms of unique page views.

1 | Recycled fiber end users put new focus on residential stream
OCC generation has shifted away from the commercial realm amid COVID-19, and tonnages might never go back. A paper association leader described that trend and what it means for the industry’s future.

2 | Scrap paper and plastic markets hit by confluence of forces
Supply and demand realities for key curbside materials are evolving fast, impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, domestic processing capacity increases and other key trends, according to two experts.

3 | Two paper mills begin accepting plastic-lined cups
Georgia-Pacific recently said two of its mills are bringing in mixed-paper bales that include single-use cups with a polyethylene barrier layer.

4 | California mandates recycled material in beverage bottles
California lawmakers approved legislation requiring beverage companies to use recycled plastic. If signed, the bill will usher in the first recycled-content law of its kind for plastic bottles in the U.S.

5 | China ban spurs rise in plastic waste ‘criminal trends’
Improper management of scrap plastics in Southeast Asia and elsewhere has increased sharply in the wake of China’s National Sword policy, according to international law enforcement body Interpol.


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