News about federal Zero Waste legislation captured readers’ attention. | Supachai Pakdeesrisakda/Shutterstock

A mix of stories covering legislation, recycling markets and paper mills drew readers’ interest last month.

The list below shows our top stories published in July in terms of unique page views.

1 | Lawmakers revive national Zero Waste Act
A waste reduction and recycling support bill has been introduced in Congress, with lawmakers describing the legislation as a significant component of the Green New Deal.

2 | Experts express optimism for paper and plastic markets
Between overseas import restrictions, tariff impacts and domestic market volatility, an erratic environment has become the norm for recycling operators around North America.

3 | Recycling firm plunges into papermaking with $320M mill
A containerboard mill using entirely OCC and mixed paper is in development in Utah. The project stands as a rare case of a recycling company expanding into the end market sector.

4 | Fees help WM and Republic overcome commodity pains
The two largest garbage and recycling companies in North America have enjoyed more profitable recycling businesses, even as commodity prices remain at rock bottom.

5 | Oregon mill may look to source recycled fiber
A shuttered paper mill near Portland, Ore. will reopen this year, and the new operator has hinted the site will incorporate recovered paper feedstock as it scales up in the future.