PET bottle laying across PET flakes.

A PET supply agreement was among our top-read stories in January. | Aykut Erdogdu/Shutterstock

Extended producer responsibility, chemical recycling growth, recycling access data, a PET supply agreement and an in-progress bottle-to-bottle plant drew reader attention in January.

The list below shows our top stories published in January in terms of unique page views.

1 | Bills introduced in 2024 focus on EPR, bans

The 2024 legislative season is in full swing, with dozens of bills filed so far on extended producer responsibility for packaging and regulation of plastic products. 

2 | Chemical recyclers move to tap overseas potential

Two North American chemical recycling companies are expanding their footprints overseas in collaboration with other firms, according to announcements from the companies this month. 

3 | Residential recycling report estimates 21% recovery rate

A study from The Recycling Partnership proposed ways to raise the recycling rate of residential recyclables – which the group puts at 21%.

4 | Republic to supply PET to emerging end user Circularix

Post-consumer PET packaging supplier Circularix will buy PET flake from new plastics processing facilities recently unveiled by Republic Services, one of the largest haulers in the U.S.

5 | Hawaiian bottle-to-bottle plant in the works

Waiākea Inc., a producer of 100% recycled PET bottles for water sourced from an active volcano, is installing bottle-to-bottle processing equipment at its Hilo, Hawaii facility with a planned capacity of 52 million pounds per year.