The reusable bottles will be marked by laser after each use, then recycled once it reaches the end of its life. | Courtesy of ALPLA and TÖNISSTEINER

Packaging company ALPLA collaborated with German mineral water company TÖNISSTEINER Sprudel to create a reusable PET bottle made of recycled material. 

The 1-liter mineral water bottle is already available at retail outlets, a press release noted. It was in development for about a year and is made entirely of post-consumer recycled material, except the closure and label. 

Hermann-Josef Hoppe, TÖNISSTEINER managing director, said the bottle “has been perfectly tailored to our sorting, bottling and transport processes” and fits in the brand’s existing 12-bottle crates for distribution and collection.  

According to the press release, laser markings on the bottle indicate the number of refill cycles a bottle has been through, and after it reaches the end of its lifespan, it is recycled by ALPLA. 

“TÖNISSTEINER and ALPLA are therefore establishing an optimum bottle-to-bottle loop and are guaranteeing that they have their own pool of high-quality reusable RPET bottles,” the press release noted. 

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