Manfred Hackl, CEO of Erema. | Courtesy of Lindner Recyclingtech & Erema Group

Erema Group and Lindner Holding have founded a joint holding company called Blueone Solutions with higher industry standards for plastics recycling in mind. 

The venture “aims to leverage both companies’ expertise and jointly execute research projects to create industry standards in plastics recycling,” according to a press release

Manfred Hackl, Erema CEO, said the future goal of Blueone is to offer “optimally coordinated all-in-one solutions that will enable our clients to buy a total package that is perfectly tailored to their needs.”

“The know-how and experience of Lindner Washtech will be combined with that of the extruder manufacturer Erema,” the press release noted. “They aim to significantly increase the added value and set industry standards by adjusting and optimizing processes and conducting joint research projects.”

By fine-tuning each step, including sorting, shredding, washing, drying, filtration, compounding, odor optimization and extrusion, the entire process can be made more energy efficient and produce a higher quality recycled material, the press release stated. 

Blueone is owned 50:50 by Austria-based Erema Group and Lindner Holding. Shares of Lindner Washtech were also contributed. The press release added that the companies started to form a closer relationship during joint research projects over the past several years. 

Michael Lackner, managing director of Lindner, said of the partnership, “As the respective industry leaders, we recognized the need for process optimization some time ago.” 

“A functioning circular economy is only possible by merging waste management with recycling management,” he said. “Our common goal is clearly to set new industry standards.” 

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