PAC Machinery Bags and Materials may eventually make the bags from 100% PCR. | Courtesy of PAC Machinery Bags and Materials

A Milwaukee manufacturer has begun marketing a 100% recycled PE bag used for mailing products to customers. 

PAC Machinery Bags and Materials on May 23 announced the Recyclene line of bags, designed for automatic bagging machines. The film used in the bags is currently made with 100% recycled resin derived from production scrap. 

A PAC press release noted that the bags could be made with 100% PCR in the future. “Demand for recycled material has not ramped up to a point where we need to find additional sources yet,” according to a company spokesperson. 

“Developing environmentally conscious products is a core value driving our company product development today and also one of the hottest topics in the packaging industry right now,” Greg Quinn, general manager of PAC Machinery Bags and Materials, stated in the press release. 

Based in Milwaukee, PAC Machinery Bags and Materials is a division of PAC Machinery, which manufacturers packaging equipment.

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