NUERA PCR is designed for consumer-facing packaging applications. | Courtesy of EFS Plastics

EFS-plastics launched a line of LDPE to meet the “new age” of global demand for recycled resin in flexible applications.

The resin, named NUERA, will be produced at EFS’ plant in Hazleton, Pa. Three different blends of NUERA – from LDPE to LLDPE rich – will be available. 

All three have a virgin-like clear appearance, low gels counts and minimal impurities, according to a press release. Customers will also be able to track each individual raw material source using a data tracing system. 

“NUERA LDPE is a commitment to quality and clarity in a new age of flexible packaging manufacturing,” the press release stated. “Developed for high-end consumer facing applications, only the best sorted post-consumer LDPE materials make it into this premium product.” 

The first samples will be available at EFS’ booth at the Plastics Recycling Conference March 6-8 at the Gaylord National Harbor, Md. The resin is available in limited supply, but facility advancements will increase capacity on a monthly basis.

Martin Vogt, president and CEO of EFS-plastics, said in the press release that NUERA “is truly more than just another PCR. It is the creation of a holistic system and collaborative approach to deliver a quality product that closes the current gap between supply and demand.” 

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Bruno Folcieri