Pierre Beaudry, general manager for NexKemia, and Gilles Venne, director of operations for Eco-Captation, at Eco-Captation’s PS recycling plant. | Courtesy of Nexkemia

Quebec-based petrochemicals company NexKemia has acquired the assets of post-consumer polystyrene reclaimer Eco-Captation.

Prévost, Quebec-based Eco-Captation uses AI-powered optical sorting technology and mechanical processes to recycle post-commercial PS packaging and construction foams, according to a press release and the company’s website.

NexKemia, which produces expanded PS beads used to make EPS products, is a division of Integreon Global, a family of companies providing products and services that deal with ensuring product protection.

The acquisition will enable Eco-Captation to scale up and NexKemia to use the company’s recycled-content resins to produce its products, according to the release, which did not disclose the terms of the acquisition. Those end products made with recycled PS will include cold chain packaging and construction materials.

“Scaling up Eco-Captation’s technologies will allow NexKemia to rapidly grow our capacity for sustainable expandable polystyrene solutions that incorporate a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled material,” Pierre Beaudry, general manager of NexKemia, stated in the release.

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