Stacks of black plastic planting pots.

Michigan-based East Jordan Plastics recycles over 20 million pounds of horticultural containers each year. | apple2499/Shutterstock

East Jordan Plastics, one of the largest horticultural container manufacturers in North America, announced it will build a $44 million facility in Lyons, Ga.

A press release from Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said during the first year, the 255,500-square-foot facility will be used for logistics and distribution. It will then be developed into a recycling and manufacturing operation over the next five years.

Michigan-based East Jordan Plastics produces thermoformed and injection-molded horticultural containers for greenhouses, nurseries and garden centers. According to the press release, most of East Jordan’s containers are made with a high percentage of recycled plastic and are recyclable. The company said it recycles over 20 million pounds of horticultural containers each year.

“East Jordan Plastics is thrilled to be joining the Lyons community, and we look forward to making this project a huge success for all stakeholders,” Scott Diller, company president, said in the press release.

The project is expected to create 80 jobs in Toombs County, Kemp said.

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