The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) released a statement insisting that any claims regarding the recyclability of degradable additives are “unfounded, untested and possibly misleading.” 

Singapore-based investment management firm Circulate Capital announced that the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund is investing in Deluxe Recycling Private Limited, an Indian plastic recycling company. 

Texas-based Encina said its proposed chemical recycling plant in Pennsylvania will be worth $1.1 billion.  

EREMA broke ground on a new R&D center in Ansfelden, Austria. It is slated to be completed in February 2023. 

Eyewear company MYKITA will use Eastman’s Acetate Renew, which is made from chemically recycled plastics. 

NOVA Chemicals joined Cyclyx, a consortium-based supply chain company that aims to increase the recycling rate of plastic. 

WEIMA donated shredding equipment to Charlotte, N.C. recycling organization Innovation Barn to process scrap plastics.