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IntegriCo describes itself as a leader in the composite industrial products manufacturing industry. | Rei Imagine/Shutterstock

IntegriCo, which processes recovered plastics into composite rail ties, is adding new product lines and increasing its recycled material consumption.

Sarepta, La.-based IntegriCo Composites on Feb. 11 announced several expansion plans.

The company will begin producing pipeline skids and construction matting parts, adding to its existing line of plastic rail ties. All of the products are made with 100% recycled plastic, which is sourced from a variety of streams, including post-consumer mixed rigid bales.

The company chose the additional product lines “following a comprehensive review of key markets,” according to the announcement.

IntegriCo describes itself as a leader in the composite industrial products manufacturing industry. The company says it “aims to build comprehensive recycling infrastructure, as well as expand its strategic sourcing programs in capturing increased volumes of landfill-bound plastic to transform back into raw material.”

Alongside the expansion, IntegriCo announced the company recently received funding from investment firms Purchase Capital and Acadia Woods Partners. Purchase Capital now lists the recycler and manufacturer among its portfolio companies.

IntegriCo also shuffled its leadership team.

Nicholas Singer, founder of Purchase Capital, was named executive chairman and will perform day-to-day management of the plastics recycling operation. Daniel Lyons, director of research at Purchase Capital, was named vice president of corporate development. Scott Stewart was appointed as vice president of operations.

In a 2019 interview with Plastics Recycling Update, IntegriCo’s former vice president of business development, Brian Gaughan, said the company consumes a variety of recovered plastics, including baled Nos. 3-7 and mixed residential plastics. At the time, IntegriCo processed between 25 million and 35 million pounds of recovered plastics each year.

According to information published by the company, IntegriCo has processed more than 80 million pounds of post-consumer plastic overall since 2009. The company was founded in 2007 and was initially located in Temple, Texas before moving to Louisiana.

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