Inside the Merlin Plastics facility.

A deal between Merlin Plastics and NOVA Chemicals was big news last month. | Courtesy of NOVA Chemicals.

News about Merlin’s deal with a resin giant grabbed reader attention last month. California’s recycled-content mandate and updates from China also drew lots of interest.

The list below shows our top stories published in September in terms of unique page views.

1 | Virgin plastic company signs deals with Merlin
NOVA Chemicals will provide financing to Merlin Plastics to help the reclaimer produce food-contact recycled HDPE. Then, NOVA will buy up to 30 million pounds of the PCR per year.

2 | California mandates recycled material in beverage bottles

California lawmakers approved legislation requiring beverage companies to use recycled plastic. If signed, the bill will usher in the first recycled-content law of its kind for plastic bottles in the U.S.

3 | Report: China clamps down on recycled pellet imports

Recycled plastic pellets are facing greater scrutiny upon import into China, international recycling stakeholders recently reported.

4 | WM offers a snapshot of today’s reclaimer market

A recent report from the nation’s largest waste and recycling hauler reviews the current state of reclamation capacity for PET, HDPE and PP in the U.S.

5 | HDPE bales experience another runup in pricing
The price of natural HDPE jumped by nearly 25% over the past month and is now approaching the record high values it achieved at the beginning of the year.


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