The Herbold Meckesheim SMS 20017 is particularly suitable for material streams with size irregularities.

The latest SMS Series granulator from Herbold Meckesheim is billed as a perfect fit for challenging applications, particularly those requiring high throughput capacities.

The manufacturer supplies eight granulator models, offering throughputs between 440 and
17,600 pounds per hour. The equipment, tailored for post-consumer and post-industrial plastics processing, is particularly suitable for material streams with size irregularities.

“A removable deflection wedge is a standard feature on all SMS models,” the company stated in a release. “It introduces a third bed knife that improves the granulator’s ability to efficiently process heavy lumps, thick-walled pipes, thick sheets and other dense items.”

The granulators position the rotor and bed knives at opposing angles, which allows for a uniform cutting gap across the entire length of the knife, according to Herbold Meckesheim. This, in turn, ensures greater rotational speed, requires less energy and produces regrind with greater bulk density.

The SMS Series equipment can be outfitted with in-feed conveyors, sound dampening enclosures and other accessories. The granulators have an optional “wear protection package” for particularly abrasive material streams – one example, the company noted, is glass-filled plastics.

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