German company Neue Herbold has re-engineered a plastics pulverizer machine to increase throughput without using more energy.

The company’s ZM800, part of a line of pulverizers meant for fine grinding of plastics, now has a redesigned housing. The unit allows spinning material to more easily be conveyed to the outlet.

“The material’s angular momentum is used for the discharge, since the material is pre-accelerated for the subsequent air conveyance,” according to a company press release. “This results in … higher throughput rates while the energy consumption remains unchanged.”

The mills create powder out of a variety of granulated plastics, including PE, PVC, PC and others. The feed material should be no larger than 6 to 8 millimeters in size.

Neue Herbold offers a range of scrap plastic processing machines, including equipment for size reduction, washing, drying and separation.

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