As part of an effort to help boost market demand, the Association of Plastic Recyclers will hold a joint meeting with an industry group that counts 150 consumer brand companies as members.

APR’s meeting this month in Pittsburgh will be co-located with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s SPC Advance event.

“This meeting presents a unique opportunity for APR to discuss key packaging issues with brand owners; introduce our technical, design and training programs to a broader audience; and to discuss technology changes to help brands meet their sustainability goals through the increased use of recycled content,” Steve Alexander, APR president, wrote in the group’s newsletter.

During the event, APR will also to continue to hold its normal committee meetings.

Other updates

  • APR released a statement calling for evaluations of a new polyester condensation polymer called polyethylenefuranoate (PEF) to determine whether it can be recycled with PET. PEF is a bio-derived plastic that looks like PET but has improved gas-barrier properties and higher mechanical strength. The European PET Bottle Platform recently gave interim approval for a limited amount of PEF to be recycled through existing PET bottle recovery systems.
  • Target has become the first major retailer to join APR as a dues-paying member, Alexander announced. The company has already proposed several ways Target and APR can work together to bring APR’s Design Guide concepts to Target’s suppliers.
  • APR is accepting nominations for the third Plastics Recycling Showcase. Nominations must be submitted by Oct. 26.
  • The PS Reclamation Committee has released a set of model bale specifications for densified spot grade foam polystyrene, densified MRF grade foam polystyrene, solid/foam polystyrene and solid polystyrene.

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