The national average price of post-consumer PET beverage bottles and jars has been increasing steadily since January. On Jan. 3, the national average price was 10.8 cents per pound. It has moved up 40 percent to the current 15.1 cents per pound.

Meanwhile, the national average price of post-consumer natural HDPE from curbside collection programs has been on a roller coaster ride since January. It was 24.2 cents per pound opening January 2017, rising 36 percent to 32.9 cents per pound by April 14 and was then down 23 percent to the current 26.7 cents per pound.

Post-consumer HDPE rigids have experienced a similar trend, with the national average price going from 6.8 cents per pound in early January up 62 percent to 10.9 cents per pound in mid-April, and then down 22 percent to the current 9 cents per pound.

These prices are as reported on the Secondary Materials Pricing (SMP) Index. This pricing represents what is being paid for post-consumer recyclable plastic materials in a sorted, baled format, picked up at most major recycling centers.

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