Plentiful supply of curbside HDPE bales in the Southeast and U.S. Gulf Coast area pushed prices lower in mid-May as suppliers sought to move their rising inventories.

Natural (dairy) HDPE bales were sold at 26 to 28 cents per pound FOB U.S. Gulf last week, down 2 to 3 cents per pound from the previous week. Mixed-color bales edged lower at 13 to 15 cents per pound, FOB U.S. southeast.

In the prime polyethylene contract market, two suppliers notified customers last week that they were reducing their May prices 3 cents per pound from April, while another supplier indicated flat May pricing, with an increase of 3 cents per pound postponed until June.

Meanwhile, generic prime availability in the domestic resale market remained spotty, but prices were beginning to fall. Generic prime HDPE BM was assessed down 0.5 cent per pound at 59 cents per pound railcar delivered. Off-grade also softened. HDPE suitable for non-pressure pipe was quoted in a wide range from the upper 40s cents per pound to the low 50s cents per pound, with the lower end said to reflect speculative selling activity.

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