PetroChem WireDemand for HDPE scrap bales retreated a bit in early April following a mid-March surge. This lackluster demand, coupled with rising bale supply from  major population centers, drove scrap prices lower.

HDPE natural (dairy) bales from curbside bottles were done late last week at 34 cents per pound picked up U.S. South, down 3 cents per pound from the previous week. Prices for that grade of scrap rose from 26 to 27 cents per pound in late February to 37 cents per pound in late March before this recent decline.

Similarly, HDPE frac melt mixed color bales sold late last week at 24 cents per pound picked up at locations in the U.S. South and U.S. Gulf Coast, down 2 to 3 cents per pound from the previous week and closer to levels seen in late February and early March.

In the U.S. prime HDPE spot market, prices were mostly unchanged and trading activity was limited as April got underway. Export buying interest was described as several cents below initial supplier offers, and both sides of the market appeared to take a wait-and-see approach.

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