In Other NewsChicago residents are closer to paying bag fees, and plastics recycling equipment innovations were on display at Germany’s K show.

A to Z at K: Equipment makers display their latest plastics recycling technologies every three years at the K trade show. Plastics Recycling Update: Technology Edition, a free monthly e-newsletter, recently featured the advancements.

Budget, step one: The proposed budget for the City of Chicago has cleared its first hurdle, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The budget includes a 7-cent fee on thicker plastic and paper bags issued at all retail stores (thin, single-use bags are already banned in the city). Retailers would get to keep two cents, while the City would get the rest.

Plastics recycling by the people: features an effort to distribute plastics recycling equipment to the places where material is generated. The project, called Precious Plastic V2.0, provides individuals and organizations the open-source information to build plastics recycling equipment using simple tools.