PetroChem Wire logoNylon 66 post-industrial (PI) black repro sold last week at 65 cents per pound FOB East Coast, up a penny from the previous week.

Nylon 6 PI repro was at 55 cents per pound. Natural fiber PI nylon 66 regrind, meanwhile, was done at 50 cents per pound and mixed luster nylon 66 regrind sold for 45 cents per pound, both FOB U.S. South.

In the prime spot market, nylon 66 was offered at the high 90s cents per pound level, FOB U.S. plant. But a force majeure late last week on adiponitrile (ADN) and hexamethylene diamine (HMD) by producer Invista at its Victoria, Texas facility, and resultant allocations of this nylon feedstock, is expected to result in significant reductions in prime nylon production from one of the world’s largest producers.

Higher prime nylon 66 prices could, in turn, support firmer recycled nylon 66 prices in early July.

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