Labels and packaging company Avery Dennison has expanded the options available to converters and brand owners looking to put recycling-friendly pressure-sensitive labels on PET containers.

The Glendale, Calif.-based company produces what it calls its CleanFlake Portfolio of label adhesives. Introduced in 2012, the water-based adhesive technology is meant to wash off cleanly from containers in float-sink tanks, ensuring the PET doesn’t carry label and adhesive contamination with it out of the tanks.

Avery Dennison recently announced the addition paper facestocks, as well as an expanded selection of film facestocks, for the CleanFlake labels. According to the company, the new paper facestocks are ideal for thermoform containers. In addition, it has developed an enhanced adhesive that washes off easier and reduces whitening of the water in the float-sink tanks.

“The expansion of the CleanFlake portfolio comes at a crucial time,” Don Berger, marketing director VI/Paper at Avery Dennison, stated in a press release. “Consumer demand for recycled PET continues to rise. Brand owners, of course, feel this pressure. So they’re increasingly looking to converters to help them meet their recycling and carbon footprint goals while continuing to deliver products in high-quality, high-impact packaging.”

Avery Dennison worked with the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) in developing the CleanFlake products, which pass APR’s criteria. The adhesive is now also compliant with the European Union’s chemicals regulations.