Monitors / fortuna7aiuta7gli7, ShutterstockGlobal computing giant Dell is now using recycled plastics from electronics, water bottles and CD cases in 48 of its products.

According to its latest sustainability report, Dell increased its use of recycled plastic to 14.1 million pounds in 2016. That’s 20 percent higher than the company’s use of 11.7 million pounds in 2015.

The company has been making use of recycled plastic since 2008 and has used just over 36 million pounds of recovered material since. It has a goal of using 50 million pounds of recycled plastics and other sustainable materials, such as carbon fibers, by 2020.

It also has a goal of making all of its packaging 100 percent recyclable or compostable.

Dell says about three-quarters of its recycled plastic usage comes from traditional outlets, such as CD jewel cases and PET water bottles. The remaining quarter is derived from the company’s closed-loop recycling process for end-of-life electronics.

In its report, Dell notes that the use of recycled plastics “is an integral part of our shift to a more circular economy.”

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