If signed, S 254 would add more battery types beginning in January 2026. | JWPhotoworks/Shutterstock

A bill that would add rechargeable batteries and battery-containing products to Vermont’s existing stewardship program awaits the governor’s signature. 

The bill, S 254, would add the additional battery types beginning in January 2026. It also would remove current exclusions for batteries intended for industrial, business-to-business, warranty or maintenance services and batteries sold in a computer, computer monitor, computer peripheral, printer, television or device containing a cathode ray tube. 

The proposal would state that stewardship organizations need to provide packaging consistent with U.S. Department of Transportation hazardous materials requirements for transportation of damaged or defective lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries and provide at least two collection facilities for damaged and defective lithium batteries in each county. 

Finally, S 254 calls for a needs assessment on mandatory end-of-life management programs for electric vehicle batteries, battery energy storage systems and batteries that are not easily removable from the products they power by July 1, 2026. 

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