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The bipartisan 2023 Wisconsin Act 108 altered the state’s e-scrap recycling program, E-Cycle Wisconsin, to include more items and to set targets differently. | Alexander Lukatskiy/Shutterstock

An update to Wisconsin’s e-scrap recycling program will modify how manufacturer’s targets are set and expand what the program covers, among other changes. 

On March 14, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed the bipartisan SB 866 into law, altering the state’s e-scrap recycling program, E-Cycle Wisconsin. The state Department of Natural Resources will hold a webinar on April 4 to provide more details and answer questions. 

Manufacturers’ annual recycling targets now will be based on the manufacturer’s market share percentage of the total weight of electronics received by E-Cycle Wisconsin two years prior to the current year. 

Previously, manufacturers’ targets were 80% of the weight of covered electronics manufacturers sold in Wisconsin three years before the current year.

In addition, the program will now cover more peripherals, including devices used for input to or output from video display devices, not just from computers. 

Manufacturer registration fees will go up starting in 2025 to $5,500, up from $5,000, for manufacturers that sold more than 550 devices into the state. For smaller manufacturers, the fee will increase from $1,250 to $2,500. 

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