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Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations launched a carbon calculator that will allow customers to estimate how electronics recovery affects scope 3 emissions. The processor also released its first ESG report.

The carbon calculator includes calculations for 29 categories of used electronics, in terms of both whole units and component parts. It delivers real-time reporting of potentially avoided scope 3 emissions by time period, commodity type, processing type and raw material outputs.

Scope 3 emissions are those that are not produced by a company itself, but rather from other entities up and down a material value chain.

The calculator is based on the UN Clean Development Mechanism e-scrap recycling methodology and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Framework, a press release noted. The tool’s methodology has also been validated by a third party, Morningstar Sustainalytics. 

“As an electronics and materials lifecycle management company, we understand that ESG is embedded into who we are,” Miles Harter, CEO of Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, said in the press release. 

“We also recognize the importance of understanding ESG risks and opportunities to support our customers’ evolving needs amid the transition to a low carbon, circular global economy,” Harter added. 

(ESG stands for environmental, social and governance.)

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Representatives from Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations will be part of a high-level ESG panel at the upcoming E-Scrap & E-Reuse Conference in New Orleans. Join us to learn how operators are charting the environmental benefits of electronics reuse and recycling, as well as how they are helping clients move toward their own ESG targets. Register for the event today.

In 2022, Dynamic enlisted Bloom ESG to develop the calculator, the company noted, with the goal of providing “tangible data that showcases what our company does to help protect the planet and our customers’ interests.” 

Meanwhile, the Dynamic ESG report sets baseline goals for 2023, including improving tracking and reporting of ESG metrics and establishing more ESG goals.

“Our priority moving forward will be to leverage the results of the ESG materiality assessment to build out an ESG strategy that is focused on the issues that have the most potential to impact Dynamic and our customers,” the report noted. “We are committed to annually disclosing our progress on these commitments and setting more ambitious goals as our ESG strategy evolves.” 

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