Complete Recycling Solutions will continue to be led by its co-founder and CEO, Keith Boyea. | Gonzo/Shutterstock

Massachusetts e-scrap processor Complete Recycling Solutions has been acquired by TerraCycle US, a company that specializes in collection of regulated waste and other scrap streams. 

Trenton, N.J.-based TerraCycle on June 20 announced it acquired 21-year-old company Complete Recycling Solutions (CRS), which recycles electronics, mercury-containing fluorescent bulbs, batteries and lighting ballasts. 

TerraCycle US is largely focused on operating mail-in recycling programs for consumer product brand owners that sell difficult-to-recycle products and packaging. But the company became involved in recycling universal waste with its 2016 acquisition of Air Cycle Corporation, which is now part of its Regulated Waste division. That division tallied $5.8 million in net sales and $172,000 in income before taxes in 2022.  

The press release notes that CRS employs state-of-the-art lamp recycling and mercury distillation equipment that automatically disassembles various lamp types. It also states that, post-acquisition, CRS will continue to be led by its former owner, co-founder and CEO, Keith Boyea. 

“Together, with our combined resources we will have greater access to expand the reach of our platforms, expand our collective customer base and bring a broader range of services to the businesses we serve,” Boyea stated in the release. 

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