Packaging and design company Bay Cities partnered with Homeboy Industries for ITAD services. 

UK-based telecommunications provider BT announced it is working with Cisco on an e-scrap recycling program. 

The Electronics Reuse Conference Hall of Fame opened nominations for 2022. 

The European Union approved a long-discussed mandate that all chargers must be USB-C by 2024. 

Fairphone added fully refurbished handsets to its offerings. 

The WEEE Forum found that of the roughly 16 billion mobile phones worldwide, about 5.3 billion will be discarded in 2022 and only a small fraction will be properly disposed of.

Wieland will invest 80 million euros into a copper recycling center at its main German plant, adding about 80,000 tons of annual recycling capacity. It will be operationational at the beginning of 2025 and will allow Wieland’s rate of recycled content to reach an average of 80% worldwide.