An advanced thermal imaging system allows for early detection of potential fires.  | Courtesy of MoviTHERM

MoviTHERM’s technology detects fires at recycling and waste facilities at the earliest stages, even before the appearance of smoke particles, offering employees more time to run safety protocols.

“MoviTHERM’s iEFD (IoT Early Fire Detection) solution provides the complete situational awareness you need to help prevent recycling and waste fires, keeping your employees feeling safe and protected from a burning disaster,” according to the company’s website.

The system connects thermal imaging cameras to an application called iEFD Cloud. There, the user can track all cameras inside the facility, keeping an eye out for any potential signs of danger.

An interactive feature will identify the exact location of a hot spot in real time, and that can trigger messaging and voice calls to alert employees.

The application also has a live status of all connected fire sensors, including thermal cameras.

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