Sage Sustainable Electronics facility in Reno, Nev.

Our look at the rising costs of warehouse space for electronics processors, including Sage Sustainable Electronics, was of interest to readers last month. | Courtesy of Sage

Coverage of Apple’s e-scrap recycling innovations, government concerns about critical minerals, rising warehouse costs and more drew readers’ clicks last month.

1 | Apple lays out details on its latest recycling automation
Apple added to its recycling technology in 2021, upgrading some robots and rolling out a machine that can recover rare earth magnets that are typically destroyed in the shredding process.

2 | Policymakers ponder recycling’s role in ‘critical mineral’ supply
A recent hearing in the U.S. Senate explored the opportunities and barriers in recovering rare earths and other essential components for the next generation of American manufacturing.

3 | The hottest commodity in e-scrap? Warehouse space
Fast-rising warehouse lease rates are pinching North American electronics recycling and reuse companies, forcing processors to shift real estate strategies and adapt to the market.

4 | OEM expands its asset recovery services around the globe
Electronics manufacturer Dell is now offering its ITAD services in an additional 35 countries outside the U.S.

5 | DISH Network agrees to recycle scrap after disposal lawsuit
TV and wireless services provider DISH Network will pay $5.5 million to settle allegations that it illegally disposed of e-scrap in California.


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