Google Chromebook in a classroom.

Google’s online manufacturer guides will show how to find the right tools, get replacement parts and more. | CC Photo Labs/Shutterstock

Google is working to make Chromebooks easier for schools to repair with a new self-repair program guide.

Interested schools can set up repair programs using Google’s “playbook.” The programs could include students working on devices as an elective. A Google blog post said 50 million students and teachers use Chromebooks made by manufacturing partners.

“With such a large community of Chromebook users, we want to work with our partners to build towards a more sustainable device ecosystem – starting by helping schools find information about repairable devices,” the post said.

Google has been facing pressure from activists over the right to repair devices.

Many schools already have Chromebook repair programs, and those IT teams helped create the new playbook, the blog post said.

Chromebooks have been repairable for years and some manufacturers, such as Acer, have already been providing training for schools to perform their own repairs. But Google’s effort is meant to make information easier to find.

Some repairs have been covered under system warranties and managed by authorized service providers, but “it’s been challenging for school IT administrators to find information about which devices they can repair,” Google said.

Google’s online manufacturer guides will show how to find the right tools, get replacement parts, provide training and get system update access if needed.

James Vick, Acer Pan America vice president of customer service, said Acer’s Chromebooks are designed for ease-of-repair, and by supporting student-involved repair programs, the company is “teaching them a valuable transferable skill that can help them pursue a career in the IT field.”

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