Shredded material on a conveyor at Sunnking.

E-scrap processor Sunnking is offering a live view of its Brockport, N.Y. shredding operations. | Courtesy of Sunnking

Sunnking’s latest transparency effort brings a whole new meaning to “recycling stream.”

The Upstate New York-based electronics recycling and reuse company has begun an online video feed of its e-scrap shredder in action. The company believes it’s the first electronics shredding livestream in the country.

Dubbed the “Stream the Shred” campaign, the footage from the company’s Brockport, N.Y. headquarters location allows the public to witness a key step in the electronics recycling process.

“Privacy is so important for everyone in their personal and professional lives, and this is another tool for you to ensure who you’re recycling with is doing the right thing,” Adam Shine, vice president of Sunnking, stated in a press release.

In addition to showing people who drop off personal devices at Sunnking that their electronics are being destroyed, Robert Burns, marketing director for Sunnking, noted in the press release that the video is simply enjoyable to watch.

“It’s also sort of therapeutic to just sit back and watch the machine eat,” he said.

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