Truck being loaded at the dock.

News that reverse logistics firm OnePak would begin reporting a Carbon Offset Cost for each pickup drew attention last month. | Siwakorn1933/Shutterstock

Last month, readers took interest in articles covering metals markets, an ITAD carbon offset program and processors in multiple sectors.

The list below shows our top stories published in February in terms of unique page views.

1 | Copper price climbs to recent record
After reaching an eight-year record last year, the price of copper has continued to increase, reaching its highest level in nearly a decade.

2 | Reverse logistics firm launches carbon offset program
IT asset management company OnePak recently began documenting the carbon footprint of every asset shipment, with an eye toward providing a way to offset that carbon output.

3 | Details on a Canadian e-plastics operation
BoMET Polymer Solutions is actively sourcing e-plastics from electronics recycling firms for the company’s Ontario processing facility, where it produces pellets and regrind for sale to manufacturers.

4 | Battery processors lay out latest moves
A battery recycling company goes public, North American collection numbers are released, and a lead-acid battery technology company moves into the lithium-ion realm. Those announcements were made around National Battery Day today.

5 | Smelters describe 2020 price and supply impacts
For major e-scrap smelting companies, the turbulence of 2020 brought pandemic-driven supply disruptions as well as pricing spikes for key metals.