samsung galaxy s9Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S9, was released this month. As some groups scrutinize the device, the manufacturer has announced service upgrades to its authorized repair locations.

SquareTrade, a device insurance company, tested the Galaxy S9 to determine how it stands up to wear and tear. The company found that it is more durable than the previous generation and Apple’s iPhone X; however, “its all-glass design is still highly vulnerable to damage,” according to a press release.

The review concluded the S9 has not improved in repairability over the previous Galaxy generation. Reviewers found “difficulty in removing its back panel and preserving its LCD display, which techs could break and have to replace.”

Repair hub iFixit came to a similar conclusion. The organization awarded the Samsung Galaxy S9+ a repairability score of 4 out of 10, noting that although many components are modular and can be replaced, screen and battery repairs are very challenging, and glued-down glass increases the risk of breakage during repair.

Meanwhile, Samsung announced changes to its authorized repair services intended to improve access for customers. As of March 15, Samsung device owners can bring their Galaxy smartphones to the company’s more than 300 authorized repair locations in the U.S., called uBreakiFix sites, and receive same-day service. Most repairs will be completed in less than two hours, according to the company.

Samsung called the change a “fundamental shift in our care offerings.” The South Korea-headquartered company also announced it would be opening nearly 200 additional authorized repair locations in the U.S. by the beginning of next year. The company’s authorized repair shops service the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Galaxy S8 and S8+, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Galaxy S6 and S6+, and Galaxy Note8 and Note5.

Photo credit: Karlis Dambrans/Shutterstock

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