The latest Canadian province to launch an industry-managed electronics recycling program is finding healthy use of its drop-off locations.

CBC News reports residents in New Brunswick are utilizing the more than 60 drop-off locations.

“The response has been great. We’re really pleased with how New Brunswickers have really come out,” Karen Ulmanis, New Brunswick program director at nationwide stewardship group Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), told CBC News in an interview.

The province, population 750,000, began accepting electronics under the new program in March. Since then, the number of drop-off sites has increased by about 50 percent.

New Brunswick became the 10th and final Canadian province to implement a mandatory manufacturer-managed electronics recycling program. EPRA manages programs for nine of the provinces, with Alberta relying on a different nonprofit group to run its program. The programs are funded by fees consumers pay when buying new devices, commonly known as eco fees.

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