In other news, E-ScrapAn app dubbed Mr. WEEE aims to educate the Egyptian public on how to recycle electronics, and customs officials use X-ray machines to check imports into China.

Second chance: Samsung has announced it will begin selling refurbished models of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, infamous for its spontaneously combusting battery that led to product recalls. Reuters reports the electronics manufacturer had been facing pressure from environmental groups over how it would responsibly handle the large number of Galaxy Note 7 devices that were recalled. The devices will only be sold outside the U.S., Samsung confirmed to Reuters.

E-scrap app: Smartphone software in Egypt aims to increase public awareness of how to recycle electronics. According to Recycling International, Egyptian entrepreneur Essam Hashem developed the “Mr. WEEE” app as a way to improve recycling collection efforts for the country’s e-scrap, of which 20 percent is currently recycled.

Freedom to fix: An opinion writer has called for New York State residents to support ‘right-to-repair’ legislation, which has this year been proposed in the Empire State and four others. Jager Robinson of Newsday writes that the right-to-repair law “would make New York the first state to chip away at the frustration of planned obsolescence” and would lower repair costs for consumers.

Continued collaboration: United Kingdom recycling company Redeem has extended its contract to operate a recycling program for mobile network O2. According to Mobile News Online, the partnership that operates as O2 Recycle is the longest-running contract between a mobile operator and recycling company in the U.K.

‘Sword’ sees all: Customs officials in China are using X-ray machines to check all containers entering the country, as part of the National Sword 2017 border crackdown aimed at reducing illegal imports of scrap materials. Waste Management World reports that where X-ray machines are not available, containers are being opened for examination, and all imports are being weighed.