In other news, E-ScrapAn Arizona for-profit business shares electronics disassembly tips with a local nonprofit group, and a Minnesota county boosts fees it charges individuals who drop off display devices.

Knowledge sharing: An Arizona electronics recycling and hard drive destruction company shared some e-scrap disassembly knowledge with the nonprofit group Worldcare, reports Tucson News Now. Suburban Miners shared information with Worldcare, a humanitarian relief group that recently moved into a larger facility, allowing it to take in more scrap electronics.

Rising fees: With lower demand for scrap electronics and higher costs to send material downstream, a Minneapolis-area county is charging more to drop off TVs and monitors. The Chaska Herald reports that Carver County boosted fees it charges consumers to drop off TVs and monitors from $5 to $10, and it increased fees for businesses from 20 cents per pound to 50 cents per pound.

New PC sales: Worldwide shipments of new PCs declined in 2016, the fifth year in a row to see a decrease, according to Gartner. Meanwhile, the research firm forecasts modest growth in PC shipments in 2018, according to

Middle East outreach: Two experts will hold a public talk about their recent work with electronics recycling stakeholders in the West Bank. Anne Peters of Gracestone, Inc. and Peter Ornstein, president of Sustainable Israeli-Palestinian Project (SIPP), will talk about their work conducting workshops in the West Bank, where burning is used in the recycling of scrap electronics. The event, to be held in Boulder, Colo., will be streamed on YouTube.

Market prediction: The number of electronics and printed circuit boards expected to be scrapped worldwide will rise by nearly 60 percent between 2015 and 2026, according to a report from Transparency Market Research. Much of the material will come from the Asia Pacific region, where India, China, Japan and South Korea will see booming technological production and increased spending on electronics, the report predicts.

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