E-Scrap News readers had OEMs, exports and CRT glass in mind as we recap our most-read stories of the month.

Below is a list of the most read stories from the past month, by pageviews.

1 | BAN names companies involved in exporting
The Basel Action Network has released a follow-up report to its e-scrap tracking study, detailing which firms handled material that was ultimately exported.

2 | Earnings drop at Sims Recycling Solutions
Sims Metal Management’s global e-scrap business saw depressed profits last year, and its U.S.-based electronics recycling operations lost money.

3 | Regency shuts down Ohio CRT site
E-scrap processing company Regency Technologies has closed its CRT dismantling operation. At the same time, it has opened two electronics recycling facilities in the Southeast.

4 | OEMs say they are pushing e-scrap progress, not hindering it
Representatives from major electronics manufacturers took to the stage at the E-Scrap 2016 conference. They detailed efforts to create more sustainable devices and also took aim at some requirements of state electronics recycling programs.

5 | California CRT glass heads to disposal sites amid downstream challenges
Companies participating in California’s e-scrap program have been frequently resorting to CRT glass disposal in 2016, and that trend is likely to continue as question marks swirl around the status of a glass-to-glass recycling operation in India.